The Most Interesting Question

While on vacation I have attempted to relax, eat, sleep and enjoy time with family. I am on travel at one of my favorite places though I still cannot disconnect. Disconnect not from my phone… though I should.

I would like to disconnect from my own negative self-talk about a topic at my age I dislike talking about. The question I’ve been asked a lot on this trip from relatives has been:

When are you getting married? How come you don’t have kids?

Yes! I know it is more than one, this is a 2 for 1. I don’t know why relatives like to meddle, well I do! Most of my younger cousins are married or have kids, yet here I am on vacation with my parents with no movement in the direction of having my own family. The challenge is not answering the questions. I can answer those questions gladly time after time but every year it gets annoying to answer them. My honest thought…when I do have a husband or a child you would know! Like I don’t even know why all of the above has not happened. The challenge is within me…I find myself questioning my purpose in life.

I get doubts about my path and begin to question with uncertainty my existing life. How is it possible that I have not been able to disconnect from the negative self- talk? What are my cultural expectations during this age and what I am actually doing with my life. As if my current life was meaningless without a husband or child. Though I don’t want to disconnect nor redirect my answer, it truly wish I could get respect for the life I am living.

My cultural background women get married before 25 after that age a woman is no longer considered of the marrying age. I am way past that age…

On the otherhand, my mom has gotten the “wow can’t belive you’re still married and you should be thankful for such a great husband and family”. If I hear it one more time I think I will burst out my uncensored thoughts.

I know this sounds like a rant. What I do know is that I am happy with my life. I am hoping to convey to my relatives that life with or without kids or husband has a purpose. We should be respectful of individuals in a collective culture.


Here We Go!

Hello and Welcome! I am born in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. I grew up in this area went to school in Orange County. Yet have never left North America.  How I did I get here? Well it just happened I would like to believe. Though in life nothing just happens we make it happen.  Unless, I was in a Romantic Comedy Movie or telenovela, where the story works itself out in the end (which I am not mad at) I would know the storyline. I would like to believe that I landed this role without equivocal suspicions, self-doubts and hardly working. The behind the scenes, the makings of decisions and the support that is what I want to know. So here is goes I am sharing some stories. Cheers to my first blog Post.

Getting out There!

For the last 10 plus years I have been involved with many people… yes I said it involved with many people. Though, not in the way that my poor written English is making us deduce to believe. I have met many people on this path literally and metaphorically.

By writing I am hoping to enjoy the writing process and learn as I go along from myself and you the reader.

For me this post is aimed to answer the following questions:

What are we learning?

  • Learning to edit written work
  • Learning to accept criticism
  • Discipline and Schedule-Time Management

How are we learning this?

  • Reflection and growth
  • Focusing on strengths
  • Respecting perspective that are shared

 And So what?

There are so many stories out there for us to read I don’t find mine to be “extra” as the kids would say. I just find that sharing would bring me light because I am selfish. I like closure. I want to write.  also, that you as the reader would be enthused to come back and read another adventure. I don’t try to be, I am! Just like you are we are they are and the rest of the conjugation of the verb to be.

Keep it short, keep it real, and keep it out!